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Mindful Gail Newsletter February 2024

Hello Everyone,


January with all its rain and cold created space for me to dream and plan mindful events and happenings for the rest of the year. I became flooded with ideas on what this year could hold for me, and others.

The year ahead is an exciting journey of different mindful offers and I am thrilled to be sharing Mindfulness in many different ways and settings.


March 1st Mindful All Day Retreat at the lovely Hellens Manor, is fully booked! I have a cancellation list for it if you would like to be added to it. The day has the special addition of a healing Sound Bath with Soesen of Edan Sounds.


I am delighted to be sharing Mindfulness in Nature activities and practices with people in Tewksbury Nature Reserve, such a lovely place, later on in Spring.


It was an interesting listen, with nostalgic musical interludes, and the mindfulness talk, by the nature of radio scheduling, slightly bite-size, and with some great feedback from some listeners. Click HERE to listen.



New 2024 events ...

Mindfulness and Yoga Saturday

15th June 2024

A special day of Mindfulness and Yoga, myself and Clare Johnson will be engaging in opening to the glorious pinnacles of the summer light, in the beautiful setting of Garway Village Hall 15th June. A day of harnessing the heady summer energies and connecting to the earth’s grounding presence.

A Day of Natural Wellbeing

20th June 2024

I am part of a unique day of offers, with a range of Well Being practitioners and experts, exploring how Being in Natures Treasure Chest can Restore, Renew and Replenish, building and developing our well health and resilience. This is a special day in the beautiful and evocative setting of Stockton Bury Gardens, with limited spaces.


Find support and grounding when you join my regular online Mindful Drop Ins, every other Wednesday evening, 7pm-8pm. Give yourself the gift of a regular practice to steady and re-align with the calmness within you that gets easily overlooked and stretched. Find the details in the link.

Cost: £10 per person (or pre-book 4 sessions for £35)


A Mindful Something to remember:


You live most of your life in your head, it is helpful make it a nice place to be.


Remember your thoughts are not always truthful, they are a moment in time. But, a thought can have a nuance of uncertainty, anxiety, similar, and your mind will cascade you into a repetitious, habitual escalating reaction that keeps you unsettled and anxious, a vicious cycle. The diagram , from Breathworks, shows how this happens.

And what might help with this, is to pause and practice S.T.O.P.



S = step back when feeling anxious/stressed/similar

T = take a slow breath in and out, and let yourself,

O = observe your thoughts, sensations and feelings; soften into them and let go of them

P = proceed with this mindful awareness into the next moments


I am so looking forward to sharing more mindfulness with you in any or all of my events over the coming months. Wishing you all a wonderful February, may it have moments of joy and laughter.


If you have any questions, please do message me.




What I Offer...


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Mindfulness crept into my life about 12 years ago after I completed a Mindfulness Based Reduction for Stress Course [MBSR], offered by my workplace, a Hospice. The teachings touched a need in me to want to experience life in a calmer and more enjoyable way; to find ways to be present helpfully to the way my life was unfolding rather than engage in battling with the automatic behaviours with repeating conflicting thoughts and emotions, with all the attendant emotional and physical fallouts.  

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