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What People Say

About the Weekend Retreat 


"Really felt the love and care that had gone into it [the retreat]

Sanctuary away; time to focus on self, compassion and to come into the present moment.

Fantastic weekend!"

"Unexpected discovery of peace, letting emotions go and the gift of silence time.

Being in the now, working alongside my heart and head with my lungs; respire! This was a gift, thank you."

"A wonderful feeling of peace, calm and kindness. Befriending myself, not being reliant on others to make me feel a sense of worth. Looking forward to the next one.

So wonderful to be in the now; a time to be kind to self.

About the Mindfulness Practice Days

"Time to focus just on myself, enjoyed the silence, peaceful and relaxing."

"Very calming, peaceful, relaxing, liberating and so nourishing."

"Beautiful land, good to explore, lovely group, relax and slow down. Delicious soup."

''Great opportunity to deepen mindfulness practice. First experience of a sound bath, very much enjoyed it."

“Calming, liberating; time to slow the pace, reflect and reconnect to self. Replenishing. Close to Nature, lovely venue and gardens."

"Relaxing, easing pain, enjoyed very much the movement part."

"Good to have a day just for me."

"Achieving a sense of calm and slowing down."


"A sense of being; it brought me back into me, most peaceful I have been for years!"


"Giving myself permission to let go and be in the moment. Bliss!"


"Importance of trying to feel loving kindness to all folk."


"The joy of practising with others."


"Really grounding, brought me into my senses; made the world seem fresh, so aware of detail."


"As always, inspirational."


Individual testimonials

"Before starting Mindfulness with Gail, I was a very anxious person and scared of most things, life was an ordeal!  Mindfulness has literally saved me. It has taught me to live in the moment, to appreciate the simple things in life and not to worry about the future and circumstances out of my control.If I do feel myself getting a bit stressed, I am able to put the breathing exercises I have learnt into practice, which really help to calm my nerves.I would recommend Gail and Mindfulness to anyone."

Who Are We
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