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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Mindfulness in Nature 

Spending time in Nature for our well health and well being is widely evidenced and researched. Allowing our senses to engage and connect with Nature's rhythms can bring balance to our emotion regulation system as well as the nervous system’s control over bodily functions and organs, including the heart.   Within our often, busy, frantic life style, this re-balance gives solace and calm, a grounding into the presence of now.

The scientific expression, Nature Connectedness, reflects the meaningful and healing engagement with the relationship we always have to Nature, but so often is overlooked and ignored within our life. Spending time outdoors, whether it’s in gardens or fields, nature reserves or mountains, fields and woodlands, cultivates this connection that grows the nourishment and nurturing we need to encourage and enhance our innate well being.


I work with individuals and groups, sharing Mindfulness in Nature activities and practices, developing tools and skills that connect with the natural rhythms and patterns of Nature, to reflect and develop our own well health.

Read more about mindfulness in nature  (Gordon, Shonin & Richardson, 2018).

Cost: Half Day £300, Full Day £500: for up to 15 people.

Contact me to create a bespoke package. 




Van Gordon, W., Shonin, E. & Richardson, M. Mindfulness and Nature. Mindfulness 9, 1655–1658 (2018).

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