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Mindful Gail Newsletter December 2023

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Dear all,

Wishing everyone a magical Christmas, full of mellow pleasures and peaceful moments. It is a wonderful gift for me to share with you the many and varied aspects and delights of mindfulness.



If you have a last minute Christmas present to give, I have a Basket of Mindful Gifts that you can choose from, including one-to-one sessions, All Day Practice, a Weekend Retreat, a Mindfulness in Nature experience.




Feb 9th from 9.30-12.30.

Join me as we settle into the moment, softly exploring and experiencing the subtle invitation of becoming mindfully present in kindness and compassion.

Fee: £30 to include drinks


When the excitement of Christmas and New Year dies down and the thrum of our inner spirit feels low, you can look forward to the call of Spring.

On this Mindful All Day Retreat, we will share relaxing and nurturing mindful practices, soften into the immersion of healing sound, and attune to the inner emerging rhythms of Spring.

Soesen Edan, founder of Edan Sound, is joining us, a certified Sound Therapist, helping people to heal, deeply relax and rejuvenate with the power of sound. Soe Sen will be leading an immersive and deeply resonating Sound Bath within the day.

​The supportive space we create and give to ourselves on this day, will reduce anxiety, calm overthinking minds, boost our well health and strengthen our resilience and well-being.


This is an opportunity to ‘drop into being’, a gift of reflection and pause, so necessary to recharge and nourish ourselves, within this busy life we lead, and from the comfort of your home.

Join me every other Wednesday evening, 7pm-8pm, a little oasis of quiet, reflective and nourishing space.

Cost: £10 per person (or pre-book 4 sessions for £30)


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Mindfulness crept into my life about 12 years ago after I completed a Mindfulness Based Reduction for Stress Course [MBSR], offered by my workplace, a Hospice. The teachings touched a need in me to want to experience life in a calmer and more enjoyable way; to find ways to be present helpfully to the way my life was unfolding rather than engage in battling with the automatic behaviours with repeating conflicting thoughts and emotions, with all the attendant emotional and physical fallouts.  

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