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Weeekend Retreats

Mindfulness and Compassion Weekend Retreat

From 4pm Thursday 19th October 2023
until 3pm Sunday 22nd October 2023
Weekend Retreats are all about:

‘Giving a space for a mindful invitation to become present with a contemplative and kindly approach to oneself, within a supportive and calm environment.


We are not stepping out of our life, rather stepping into whatever arises in the moment, giving ourselves compassionate and generous attention, allowing a trusting of the unfolding moment by moment experience.

We notice how our experiences of life can change, without the hustle and bustle of everyday stresses and pressures, see unhelpful habitual reactions, and then explore and come alongside with kindness and compassion. This helps us to find the moments of positive change and joy, so easily overlooked in the normal, everyday life. This helps us to nourish and nurture our emotional well-being, creating restorative balance and a sense of equilibrium with our unfolding experiences.


Premium room with double bed and ensuite. £450

Premium room with double bed, ensuite and two people sharing £700

Single room with shared bathroom. £350

Shared room with single bed and shared bathroom £315


How we do this:


We will spend time in a number of lying, sitting and movement meditation practices, with times in between to reflect and rest, to absorb and be, and to take time in Nature.


We will have times of invitational reflective discussions and sharing and some periods of silence, to reflect on our practices, in a collaborative and supportive space.

We will be sharing a variety of creative and engaging mindful activities including Mindful Movement and Sound Healing Gong Bath.


Mark Brothers, Accredited Breathworks Teacher, will be sharing engaging and vibrant Mindful Movement, connecting to our intuitive natural rhythms of balance, allowing release of tensions and soothing of mind.


Soesen Edan, a certified Sound Therapist with the British Academy of Sound Therapy with extensive experience of sharing healing and immersive sound experiences. She will be sharing a deeply nurturing, Gong Bath of Sound in the Haywain Barn. 


Who this is for:


The retreat is an immersive and often deep experience. It can be suitable for people with minimal meditation experience, willing to explore meditations, and for more experienced meditators, an opportunity to deepen their practice.



The nature of the Retreat is often deeply contemplative for people and may not be suitable for people who are experiencing acute mental health episodes and similar conditions. Please contact me to discuss any queries regarding this.


A typical menu for the day:


Breakfast: help yourself to a variety of cereals, yogurts, toast, drinks


Lunch:      soup, bread and fruits


Supper:    main meal and dessert


There will be fruit available at all times.


Ideally to get the most benefit from the retreat, it is good to switch of your phone, power down your laptop or similar devices and unplug from the constant electrical chatter. If this seems too hard, see if you can decide a time you can 'check in’, say once a day, with your phone/laptop/tablet. Give yourself the gift of this precious time for yourself, away from the magnetic pull of the constant being on ‘stand by’.


We have an emergency number you can give to family if needed.

An Example of a Retreat Day:

8.00 - 8.45am 

Meditation Practice in Haywain Barn



Breakfast in the Georgian Stables

10.15 - 11.15am   

Practice/discussion in the Haywain Barn


11.45am - 12.45pm   

Practice in the Haywain



Lunch in the Georgian Stables



Free Time


4.30 - 5.30pm           

Practice and reflection






Informal Reflection


8.30 - 9.15pm           

Practice before bed


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