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Hello Everyone,

As the summer season of my mindful events draw to a close, I am offering two subsidised places for just £45 each, for this season's last Mindful Retreat Day with Sound Bath on 13th July, 9.45-5.30pm.


This day is set in the beautiful and quaint Vowchurch village Hall, surrounded by fields and footpaths with a tumbling river close by.

It will be a day of quiet reflection, gentle engagement with mindful meditations, practices and approaches to support and nourish our systems. This will be complemented wonderfully with Soesen of Edan Sounds, who will share a Healing Sound Bath, so you will experience a day full of simple and nurturing ways taking care of yourself.

Please book your place soon (link below).

A REMINDER OF MY FREE Online Mindful Taster Session

1st July 2024 at 7.15pm


If you have any comments, thoughts, ideas or questions, please do contact me.

With kindest every-things,




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Mindfulness crept into my life about 12 years ago after I completed a Mindfulness Based Reduction for Stress Course [MBSR], offered by my workplace, a Hospice. The teachings touched a need in me to want to experience life in a calmer and more enjoyable way; to find ways to be present helpfully to the way my life was unfolding rather than engage in battling with the automatic behaviours with repeating conflicting thoughts and emotions, with all the attendant emotional and physical fallouts.  

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