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Natural Wellbeing Day
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DATE:  20th June 2024   TIME:  9.45am-4pm

VENUE:   Stockton Bury Gardens, Kimbolton, Leominster HR6 0HB

COST:   £120 inclusive of lunch, all refreshments and a Treasures of the Day goody bag

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A day to explore and experience the wealth of Natures Treasure Chest and all that it offers to stay well, resilient and supported in physical, emotional and mental well health.


Join the expert speakers in the beautiful setting of Stockton Bury Gardens, and discover and experience the natural ways and approaches that cultivate resilience and well being.

Take a deep dive into the support and power of Natures very own treasures and experience the ways and skills that restore and renew our well health.

You will have time to wander the beautiful and captivating Stockton Bury Gardens, enjoy a scrumptious lunch and have the space to feel nourished and nurtured.

More about our expert speakers:




Tamsin Westhorpe

Gardener, Author and RHS Chelsea Judge

In my workshop I will share how gardeners and non-gardeners can create a haven for well being in their garden. We will investigate how plants can ignite all of the senses. The workshop will be split between time in the classroom and in the gardens at Stockton Bury



 Kat Clarke and Kelda

White of Pestle and Daughter: Natures Wise Women

Pestle & Daughter are passionate about plants and what we can learn from them. Plants have been nourishing, healing and enchanting us since the beginning. Not only are many local plants delicious and full of the vitamins and minerals we need, but knowing how to use them can empower us to take responsibility for our own health and vitality. In this workshop we will discover the wisdom of plants by exploring herbal teas and how they can support us as wellbeing tonics. Then make your own blend to take home!

Kelda White
I have been making potions and plant infusions since the age of three. Growing up on my parents’ farm in rural Kent, I developed a love of plants and became a keen gardener and homeopath. My kitchen is full of herbs, pickles, preserves, foraged liqueurs and jars of bubbling, fermented foods and I am an avid believer that diet and nutrition, coupled with a sense of emotional wellbeing, underpins health.

Kat Clark
I have woven together many strands of creativity and plant-based learning over the past 20 years. I currently live and work at Hellens Manor, tending the physic garden, delivering educational projects and organising the annual Hellens Garden Festival. I am also a director of Back to the Wild CIC and work outdoors helping young people nurture and reclaim their relationship with the natural world.


Colette Wilks

Empowerment Coach

I’m here to help you to live the life you want to live.
I specialise in menopausal empowerment. The menopause can often feel overwhelming and as a menopausal women I can totally relate to that. I had not realised, until experiencing it for myself, the impact the menopause can have both physically and emotionally, or just how much it can turn your world upside down. Exploring what is available to help us can be a challenge in itself. I’ll be sharing with you thoughts and ideas how you can step into nature to absorb what it has to offer to help you with the menopause and to understand the impact it may be having on yourself or someone you care for. Stockton Bury Gardens offers the perfect place to experience the calmness of nature and how it can help to reinstate some equilibrium into your life.

Gail Calthrop Mindful Gail

Mindfulness Practitioner 


I have been a Mindfulness Practitioner and Teacher for many years, sharing with many people and communities mindful skills and practical tools to use in daily life, building greater resilience and growing our well being.
The skill of being mindful, open and aware to each moment and what it offers, is perfectly found and learnt, in the abundance of the moment within our environment and in Nature.
In my workshop we will explore how being in our senses helps to emotionally regulate ourselves which, in turn, helps to manage our lives as well as is possible. Nature is the ideal environment to learn this, whether in a garden, a back yard, a field or woodland, all offer a route to connect to a tangible, innate sense of grounding and calm. The venue of Stockton Bury gardens and grounds provide a wonderful environment for this exploration.
I look forward to sharing a mindful adventure with you. 

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This is a relaxed day, in a wonderful garden setting, with any movement activities designed to be low intensity.

Please note there are two steps down into our workshop space. For your comfort, wear loose clothing, sensible shoes and bring a waterproof and/or sunhat.

A set vegetarian lunch is included and complementary morning and afternoon tea/coffee and water. 

*Please inform us if you have dietary requirements or allergies beforehand.


Cancellations and Refunds:

If for any unforeseen reason, we have to cancel the event, you will be fully reimbursed.

If you cancel your booking before 9th May 2024, we will refund the fee, minus a £10 admin charge.

No refunds will be given after 9th May 2024.

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